Pupil Premium

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Each year, Shorne C of E Primary School receives an additional amount of money via a Pupil Premium Grant provided by the Government, in order to address any underlying inequalities amongst pupils. The additional funds support children who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) or have been in the last six years, children who are looked after and for children of service personnel.


In 2015-2016 the total number of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium is 19 equating to £27,400 (4 of which are Pupil Premium Plus).

DfE Guidance states:

Schools, head teachers and teachers will decide how to use the Pupil Premium allocation, as they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for individual pupils.

The school decides how the funding is allocated to ensure pupils are making good progress and are given equal opportunities. We use this funding to provide key interventions, quality first teaching and learning and a variety of resources to support and enhance the children’s education.

We believe that this additional funding should be used creatively to enhance learning across the curriculum for the disadvantaged children in the best possible way. The views of pupils and parents are respected and considered when allocating the funding.

In 2015-2016, the Pupil Premium funding will help to support disadvantaged children in the following ways to ensure they achieve their full potential:

  • Quality first teaching and regular staff CPD
  • Additional support staff to deliver high quality interventions (curriculum based, nurture groups and developmental skills)
  • Play Therapy
  • Extra-curricular clubs and activities
  • School day trips, residential trips and class visitors
  • Tailored resources to meet the needs of individual pupils
Area of Expenditure·         Example of provision
Free school trips and class activities·         The cost of all class day trips

·         Residential trips (Y4 Dinosnores, Y5 Swattenden, Y6 Avon Tyrrell)

·         Class visitors to support the delivery of the curriculum

Additional staff to provide high quality curriculum based interventions

·         Read Write Inc. phonics 1:1 intervention throughout the school

·         Sounds-write phonics group intervention throughout KS1 classes to support and boost spelling, reading and writing

·         KS2 interventions to support reading, comprehension and writing such as Stareway to spelling, Stride ahead, Totem, Tailisman, Toe by Toe

·         Booster groups in Years 2 and 6 to prepare for the next Key Stage

·         Lexia

·         Beanstalk reading intervention

Additional staff to provide high quality nurture interventions and alternative interventions to support crucial areas of development

·         Play Therapy sessions

·         Therapeutic Play sessions

·         Friendship groups and social skills

·         Early Risers morning club

·         Oasis lunch time club

·         BEAM

·         Clever Fingers (Fine Motor Skills)

·         Speech and Language

·         Listening skills and turn-taking

Extra – curricular activities

·         Breakfast club

·         After school clubs and sports

·         Additional extra – curricular clubs children attend outside of school such as swimming clubs and drama clubs


·         Clicker 7

·         Laptops in each classroom

·         School uniform subsidy

·         School milk

School Assessment

·         Pupil progress meetings 3 x a year with detailed analysis of disadvantaged children, vulnerable groups and those at risk of falling behind

·         Discussion of Pupil Premium expenditure and most appropriate support for disadvantaged children at Governor meetings and Senior Leadership Team meetings

Staff CPD

·         Behaviour management

·         Closing gaps in learning

·         SEN training (ASD, Dyslexia, S & L)

·         Differentiation in mainstream classrooms